From Gold to Sun

First Stop: Pirapora

How solar energy has changed the city on the banks of the São Francisco River

Priscila Brandão shares her journey.

Priscila Brandão is a former TV Globo reporter in Brazil and broadcast journalist for the renowned BBC World News series called, “Follow the Food.” For TV Globo, Priscila is most well-known for programs such as: Dia Brasil, Jornal Hoje and Jornal da Globo on from RJTV-2 channel. Born in Minas Gerais, Priscila is particularly interested in topics related to the environment and sustainability which makes her a perfect choice to take us on this journey.

Episode 1

The city on the banks of the São Francisco River. A charming and peaceful place, where the residents are very proud to be part of the growth of large-scale solar in Brazil. Learn more how solar energy has transformed the city and one of the first places to experience the economic growth since the arrival of centralized generation (utility-scale solar).

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