Developers and Owners

Maximizing investment returns for developers and asset owners

As a leader in the clean energy transition, Nextracker provides critical yield-enhancing expertise and services needed to optimize the value, efficiency, and weather resiliency of solar power plants, offers the lowest system lifetime LCOE, and fully monetizes returns for developers, asset owners and investors.

Why leading developers choose Nextracker

Proven, premium, profitable performance
Long-term, responsive strategic partner
Weather resilient with a commitment to quality and reliability
Technology innovation and market leadership
Strategic, scalable supply chain
Trusted, bankable global brand
Future-Proof Solutions

Our field-proven, market-leading PV tracker technology and advanced software and data analytics offer the industry’s most advanced engineered design and control systems to:

  • Enhance energy yield and plant performance
  • Streamline efficiencies
  • Mitigate extreme weather and other operational risks
  • Maximize investor returns

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Reducing Risk Reduces Cost
Reliable, high-performance tracker systems built to last, paired with advanced software that predicts and adjusts in real-time to keep your asset optimized and minimize operational costs over the lifetime of the plant. Learn More
Increased Production Yield and Weather Resiliency
Nextracker’s NX Horizon and NX Horizon-XTR smart solar trackers provide customers with greater flexibility to configure systems at project sites for maximum energy output, whatever the site terrain and weather conditions. Our solar tracker software, TrueCapture and NX Navigator, boosts solar plant production and improves monitoring and control. Learn More
Customer-Centric Optimized Performance and Support
Nextracker’s future-proof software-driven solutions can be upgraded remotely, ensuring your plant operates optimally and is in state-of-the-art condition if and when you’re ready to sell it. Our Global Services team uses advanced data analytics, monitoring software and localized, boots-on-the-ground support to deliver best-in-class service. Learn More