Maximizing Investment Returns for Developers and Assets Owners

As a leader in the clean energy transition, Nextracker provides critical yield-enhancing technology, expertise and services needed to optimize the value and efficiency of solar power plants and fully monetize returns for developers and asset owners.

Nextracker’s distributed architecture and exemplary yield gain technology were critical to our decision. Having an assured tracker supply and cost savings guaranteed through Safe Harbor as we continue to plan our project pipeline is critical in advancing our mission of creating a more sustainable future.— Henry Yun, CEO 174 Power Global
Nextracker’s high-quality components and solid financial backing by Flex are important aspects of our solar strategy. NX Horizon’s balanced design and robust wind capability are ideal for our environmental and soil conditions, and will help maximize energy yield and cost savings.—  Jayant Parimal, CEO, Adani Green Energy
Nextracker has been an excellent partner in helping ACWA Power achieve its local content requirements and instrumental for us to deliver the low tariffs in the Middle East North Africa region, helping Saudi Arabia realize its vision 2030.— Dr. Andrea Lovato, VP & Head of Renewable Investment, ACWA Power

Nextracker Checks All the Boxes

Engie and Nextracker teams visit Villanueva Power Plant in Mexico

Proven, premium, profitable performance.

Long-term responsive strategic partner.

Technology innovation and market leadership.

Strategic, scalable, supply chain.

Trusted, bankable global brand.

Future-Proof Solutions

Our field-proven, market-leading PV tracker technology and advanced software and data analytics offer the industry’s most advanced engineered design and control systems that enhance energy yield and plant performance, streamline efficiencies, mitigate operational risks, and maximize investor returns.

Maximize your Investment: Reducing risk reduces cost. We replace the guesswork with reliable, high-performance tracker systems that are built to last paired with advanced software that learns, predicts and adjusts in real-time in the field to keep your asset optimized and minimize operational costs over the lifetime of the plant.

Increase Production Yield with Stream of Innovation: Nextracker’s family of solar trackers, the flagship NX Horizon and two-in-portrait (2P) NX Gemini, provide customers with greater flexibility to reliably configure systems at project sites for maximum energy output across a broad range of site and weather conditions. Our advanced solar tracker control and monitoring software systems, TrueCapture and NX Navigator, boost solar plant production, improve monitoring and control capabilities, and mitigate the risk of inclement weather conditions such as hailstorms, hurricanes and snow. Our software ecosystem is also part of the cybersecure IoT infrastructure of our parent company, Flex.

Better Financial Performance: Nextracker’s future-proof software-driven solutions can be upgraded remotely, ensuring your plant operates optimally and is in state-of-the-art condition if and when you’re ready to sell it. When it comes to digitization and data connectivity, PV tracker and energy systems have not yet realized their full potential for added energy yield, and the potential to continue to improve financial performance makes your solar asset more attractive.

Customer Centricity is our Most Prized Value: Our Global Services team uses advanced data analytics and monitoring software as well as localized, boots-on-the-ground support to deliver best-in-class service on-time, when you need it.

Relentless Quality Focus: In addition to our own R&D, product development and quality teams, Nextracker partners with independent engineers and testing labs to empirically validate the quality and performance of our PV systems solutions.