Nextracker Inc. is the global market leader 7th year in a row

Global solar tracker market share for 2021 was just reported by Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables, access link below for their report. Nextracker Inc. global share increased slightly to 30%. We have consistently maintained the leading market position for 7 concurrent years, with global share of 26-33%. Over this period we have also shipped about the combined MW of the next three providers. In 2021 NX was the #1 provider for the four continent/regions of North America, South America, Australia/Oceania, and Africa.

As our solar industry grows with our collective goal of being the world’s top (as measured by quantity, and environmental quality) source of power and energy, we need to continue bolster the strength of solar technologies, manufacturing, and supply chain to serve customer demand. We need more solar panel, inverter, racking, and EPCs providers, and Nextracker encourages innovation and increased investment by existing and new providers across this spectrum. Pres Biden’s recent announcement invoking the Defense Production Act to stimulate manufacturing scale up of clean tech was most welcome.

For us and many manufacturers, 2021 was a very tough year; from unprecedented inflation of commodities, to bottlenecks in the global logistics system, through staffing with covid and other factors. In crisis, there can be opportunity. Nextracker responded to these challenges with a massive expansion of regional manufacturing with our existing and new partners, in the U.S. and international markets. As a result, we are now positioned with radically lower logistics costs and logistics-related emissions, cleaner steel, better On Time Delivery (OTD) and schedule predictability for customers. We are engaged on delivering supply security, reliable OTD, and buffering customers from commodity volatility on materials and logistics. We are also focused on our reliability and service programs, with leading 3rd party Operations and Maintenance providers reporting Nextracker systems deliver the lowest solar cost plant O&M & LCOE based on empirical data and metrics.

Maintaining a roughly 30% global market share in any industry at scale is not trivial, and we would like to thank our customers for their help by providing us ongoing feedback on how to continuously improve our products and services to the solar industry. Yesterday, NX’s Leadership Team had a deep review of our latest customer survey, and reviewed many of their suggestions. I would also express appreciation to our business partners and amazing NX staff for their hard work, dedication, and results as we accelerate our vision of Clean Energy for All.


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