With China in the lead, US and Europe eye off shore wind farms

Great 60 MINUTES piece about the world’s largest operating wind farms, off England, built by Ørsted with billions invested. The Hornsea 1 & 2 projects deliver 2.5 GW of power, powering millions of homes. It’s a story of high capacity factor (47%) renewable energy, creating 500 new jobs for the small town of Grimsly that lost its fishing industry, and of a company pivoting from fossil fuel to renewables leveraging their offshore expertise. Orsted announced plans to double the total Hornsea development to 5-6 GW.

Offshore wind pairs well with solar from a timing of generation perspective. It will be fascinating to see how offshore evolves in Europe and the US. China has the most offshore wind, with about 13 GW, 45% of the world’s total. Read the complete post here