Nextracker : #1 Global Market Share For 5 Years (2015-’19)

As the #1 global market share for 5 years (2015-’19), Nextracker, Inc achieves global share steady at 29%. In five years we delivered as much as the next three providers combined. Our sincerest appreciation to our valued customers and supply partners! Factors that sustained our demand in the face of ferocious industry cost pressures:

1. Yield Gain: Our systems outperform with bifacial, TrueCapture, rotation angle, and NX Navigator (including HailStow & SnowShed). We pre-validate our products with utility-scale field trials, empirical testing, and heavy M&V protocol.

2. Customer Service: Relentless focus on customer requirements, listening, responding. Incorporating customer suggestions into products and services. High-velocity product for EPCs.

3. Operational Excellence in supply chain, business & quality systems; on-time delivery. Manufacturing in > dozen countries with scaleable quality and metrics.

4. NX Team & Focus: the solar Dream Team and culture of innovation, transparency, respect, and support as we fulfill our mission of PV as #1 energy source.

Stay tuned for Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables‘ exec summary this Thursday. In the meantime, here’s a link to the report:


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