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Breakthrough Horizontal Tracking Technology

NEXTracker120 is the first horizontal tracker on the market with a UL-certified self-grounding design that does not require separate parts. These attributes eliminate many of the design, cost and performance constraints associated with typical linked-row trackers. 

NEXTracker120 provides many distinct benefits that increase project profits:

Lower Installation Costs with Fewer Foundations

NEXTracker120 requires 25-50% fewer foundations compared to most horizontal trackers. This significantly lowers material and installation costs and reduces geotechnical risk. NEXTracker120’s bearing design allows for generous foundation placement tolerance. Built-in alignment guides and quick-connect assembly features further accelerate and simplify construction.


NEXTracker120 is the first horizontal tracker on the market with an entirely self-grounding design.  This means no separate bonding hardware such as grounding washers, braided straps, bare copper wire, or grounding rods are needed.  This provides meaningful cost savings in materials and installation labor.  

More Site Flexibility & Less Site Preparation

NEXTracker120’s independently driven rows enable maximum flexibility in system design, freeing layouts from the rectilinear block constraints of typical linked-row trackers. The NEXTracker120’s unblocked rows eliminate East/West grading and allow for better land utilization along diagonal property lines.  Unblocked rows also reduce or eliminate the need for East/West access roads. These benefits can result in 10-20% more power capacity on a given site.

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Superior Performance & Reliability

NEXTracker120 is engineered for long-term reliability and performance. Its balanced design places the weight of the modules in perfect alignment with the tracking axis, dramatically reducing wear and tear on the drive system. The resulting elimination of torsional load improves accuracy and permits a wide 120 degree tracking range for more energy production in high-value afternoon periods.

Reduced Operating Costs with Greater Safety & Security

Independent rows provide a major benefit when it comes to operations and maintenance. With no drive linkages impeding row access, vehicles are free to move throughout the array.  Tasks such as module cleaning and vegetation management can be accomplished 4-5x faster. Anti-theft fasteners help prevent module theft. NEXTracker120 is also safer in rapidly changing weather conditions—it stows at higher wind speeds and moves into the stowed position faster than other trackers.

NEXTracker120 Benefits

Up to 30% Higher Energy Yield
Proven higher energy yield than conventional fixed tilt systems.
rapid installation
Easy mechanical installation with no field welding required.
Low Installation Costs
Low profile design uses less structural steel and foundation materials, significantly reducing costs and environmental impacts.
optimized system performance
Tracking algorithms and array layout optimized for maximum energy yield at each site location by design support team.
Low Operating Costs
Maintenance-free drive unit, small number of moving parts, and weather-resistant materials significantly reduce system operating expenses.
Robust Construction
Steel construction developed and patented for high stresses. Covered by a 10-year structural warranty with a 20 year option.
durable drive unit
Drive unit proven to operate with high reliability in harsh industrial environments. Extremely low loads on drive system due to unique balanced system.
sophisticated Control system
Maximum uptime and performance with error-free calculations of sun position, positioning management to minimize soiling, and real-time diagnostics and monitoring at individual tracker level.

NEXTracker120 Documentation

  Letter Size PDF (US standard) A4 Size PDF (Europe/Asia)


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